Impacting Intelenet

His keen business acumen and vision has seen a fledgling company of 25 row into one of the largest BPO firms in india with over 31 000   employees. Your personal brand is your professional identity and reputation' seems to be the motto  
of Susir Kumar CEO of  Intelenet
Global Services which has placed his company among the top 10 BPO players in india today   And, there is much more to this fascinating growth Sroty discouvers NIDHI KAUSHIK. ..

While most CEOs are worried about declining profits and     fluctuating share values Susir
Kumar CEO & Managaing Director Intelenet
Global Services values relationship. He believes that If you take care of your associates tltey will take care of your customer and the customers wil come back.
So, the business will take care of itself.
Under Susirs proactive people-centric and strong leadership the company has in less than a decade grown into the largest employer in Indian BPO space. It Figures in IAOP'S Global Outsourcing 100 for 2010.
Deloitte features it among the "50 fastest growing technology companies in India.
Internet operates through 35 state-of-the-art centres across the globe including centres in
India, Philippines. Mauritius, UK. Poland
and the US delivering a multitude of services to Fortune 500 companies globally Intelenet has experienced rapid growth in a relatively short time. According to Susir Intelenets growth in the BPO industry has been spurred by its dedicated effort to create valuable relationships, and its focus on quality and timely delivery.
But none of this would have happened had he shot down the idea of setting up a third-party customer service delivery network offered by Deepak Parekh chairman HDFC. Susir was the Company Secretary and Chief of Recoveries and also the youngest General Manager in HDFC at that time.
Not many would have been up to the challenge. Even though Susir had no prior experience in the BPO segment his sheer passion for people and technology motivated him to take up a fresh challenge He started Intelenet out of a facility withjust 25 employees. At that time, the BPO segment was just beginning to take shape and with his thirst for knowledge and a purpose to excel Susir took on a fresh new challenge as the Director of Intelenet which began as anoint venture between HDFC and Tata Consultancy Services TCS in 2000 Over the years, Susir has constantly driven his company and his people to greater heights tasting success and achieving goals which only a few could have imagined.
With his vast experience and expertise in setting up and managing several profitable group companies combined with Susirs meticulously planned strategy and a motivated team, by 2003 Intelenet had phenomenally expanded to about 3000 employees operating out of three contact centres providing a host of services to over 10 blue chip companies. Recognizing Susirs effective corporate     style in increasing the company's stakeholder's wealth Susir was awarded the third ICSI National awards for Excellence in Corporate Governance in December 2003 In December, 2004 Susir took over at the helm of this dynamic company as Intelenets CEO and in 2005 Internet was ranked among the top 10 international BPO players in be country lntelenet had by now; established itself as a leading player in the international segment, with its ability to be reliable and scalable on a 24x7 basis for its international clients. Recognising the booming domestic business sector Susir made a strategic move in 2006 by acquiring 51 per cent of the domestic BPO business of Spanco Telesystems called 'Sparsh' which was India's largest domestic BPO.

Leveraging on Sparsh's relationships in the industry Intelenet gained a leadership position in the growing domestic BPO market. Its presence now ranges across all key domestic BPO verticals including aviation financial service and telecoms By the following year, Internet wanted to expand its delivery footprint from solely offshore centers to an on-shore and near-shore capability based out of the US and Central America To this end. Intelenet acquired two companies in Travel and IT Verticals - upstream a global BPO company and Travelport ISO the India-based captive operations part of the Travelport group. This global delivery expansion added new geographies such as Mauritius and helped Intelenet build upon its multiple language capability portfolio with Spanish and French.
The year 2007 also saw Intelenet re-write takeover history Along with Blackstone a Fortune 7 US company and private entity investore Intelenet orchestrated the largest management buyout that India had ever seen. HDFC and Barclays transferred their ownership of Intelenet to a company jointly owned by Blackstone and the current managament team of Intelenet
Following the Transaction, Intelenet
continues to provide business-processing services to all its current customers including Barclays Since the buy-out, Susir and the existing management team which has been with Intelenet since inception continue to lead the company and explore new horizons.
With the MBO Susir impacted the lives of over 400 employees who along with the existing staff continue to be benefit from their share in the company's profits.
As a company which invests significantly in its people, a clear indication of Intelenet's dedication towards employee engagement can be gauged by the innumerable awards it has won including the latest Hewitt
Associates Best Employer in India and Asia
for 2009 as well as 2nd among Large organisations at
The Economic Times Best Workplaces in
India for 2008 and 2009 The BPO industry has inherently had a high attrition rate in order to manage the people supply chain lnlelenet bridges this demand and supply gap of high-end knowledge professionals through a well established manpower planning and recruitment process.
Susir says, While 'recruitment is an ongoing process. we also stress on increasing productivity of our existing employees and development of new skill sets Aiming to achieve this Intelenet has introduced a number of training programs at the Intelenet campus like the NMIMS Business Management Progmm which not only trains employees but also helps curb attrition by providing a mapped out career path.
Another unique initiative is the iVersity which equips deserving employees with the required skills to escalate the value-chain AS far as the high-end knowledge professionals are concerned approximately eight per cent of our workforce comprises professionally qualified people including engineers, MBA's CA's and post graduates in various disciplines We focus on training these employees to enhance their skill sets so that they can move into high-end processes,'' adds Susir. Internet provides optimum opportunity for employees to explore their potential and move up the value-chain into leadership positions. The idea is to promote people from within the firm and groom them to be best performers says Susir adding.
For the iVersity program the top 10 per cent of the performers are selected trained for six months and readied for a Team Leader position We have also set up the ISC Intelenet School of Excellence) lo provide aspirants a long-term career in this business's While most BPOs spend a sizable sum on employee remuneration due to threats from poaching and attrition, Susir feels it is not the end result alone that drives employees. There are several other factors that employees are concerned about. At Intelenet we are continuously in touch with our employees to identify what drives them and implement programs to best satisfy their needs. We leave no stone unturned as far as employees' personal development is concerned he reiterates As part of this effort all employees receive extensive training and global exposure. A part from training sessions
Intelenet levieves in overall personality development which translates into initiative such as an in-house gymnasium concierge services. yoga classes medical camps routine check-ups from visiting doctors (over and above a round the clock doctor on call facility) vaccination camps blood camps in collaborations with NGO's and sports   activities   (Football and Cricket). In collaboration with Drishti an organisation that helps errtployees cope with personal professional and organisational stress Intelenet also has a unique employee assistance program that can be accessed by all Intelenet's core values are discipline trust care and  value and striking a balance as a leader who trusts his team Susir believes that integrating personal goals with overall achievement of the company's goals is the recipe for intelenets success Susir explains, "We focus on a Happy and   motivated workforce. We believe that effective employee engagement leads to a motivated workforce that continuously out-performs client expectations Employee retention is the key to consistent delivery He adds "we have many initiatives in place to motivate our workforce and I believe this has been central to our success. Our outstanding performers receive monetary and non-monetary recognition We run '[email protected]' initiatives such as Employee appreciation Week, Family Day and contests to boost employee involvment with the organization On the global recession and its effect in Intelenet, Susir says 'It has had multiple effects on the industry The First and the initial phase was the knee jerk reaction of stopping or reducing business The second phase saw two breeds of companies - one that were going out of business and second that were action-oriented and quick decision-makers. This was followed by the third phase where companies wanted reduction in prices and costs; hence they re-evaluated and changed their business model by innovation. Finally, I believe we are now in the fourth stage where companies are looking to consolidate their positions through mergers and acquisition's As for Intelenet 'I will not deny there has been intense pressure to cut down on rates; we have partly tried to address the problem by offering reduced rates in lieu of longer contract periods. Given these factors scale and diversity will separate the big boys from the rest. The more widely spread your capabilities the better off you are. So you need to have offshore onshore and multiple language capabilities as well as breadth and depth of services.''
Revealing the roadmap to Intelenet's growth Susir says "Our revenue is currently around $ 300 million and we plan to double it in the next two to three years. In the domestic front Intelenet plans to list its recently acquired domestic business and is also looking at organic and inorganic growth. We are not only pursuing new opportunities at a very advanced level but also constantly on the lookout for companies that will be a right fit for our values and growth strategy'' On his long term goals, Susir says, "We would like to grow into becoming a knowledge partner rather than an outpouring partner for our clients ''
Susir is a Company Secretary by
qualification and is also a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.
With a Bachelor's Degree in Business
Management and a Masters in Philosophy
Susir has over 22 years of experience, having served Mangalore Refineries Private Ltd MRPL in the initial days of his career helping the company ride through its public issue.
Prior to joining Intelenet Global Services, Susir was with HDFC Ltd. India's premier financial services company sine 1994. During his decade-long tenure, Susir was among the top 10 key managers at HDFC involved in setting up several profitable group companies. He streamlined and put the recovery business in olden Known for his strong negotiation skills Susir was a key person involved in introducing changes in the bad debt and recovery process. Having Handled HDFC's Rights and Public issue he also helped the financial institution in pipromoting  and incorporating IDFC, installing compliance systems within group companies such as HDFC Standard
Life, HDFC Chubb Insurance HDFC Asset
Management Company and to date remains a strategic person for the entA firm believer in honing his overall personality Susir likes to practice yoga in the little free time that he gets and believes that yoga has a mental and physical "calming effect helping him deal with even drastic situations in a composed manner. It is really no surprise that with Susir as the company's brand ambassador Intelenet is truly one intelligent brand to watch out for.

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