In this modern age of total connectivity a Virtual Assistant can be an invaluable asset to any size business. When you need a solution that can contract and expand as their business needs do. Noticing this requirement Kelly George founder of PA Direct Online saw an opportunity to be able to work from home while selling her expertise. She set up her business to provide virtual assistant services from home whilst bringing up her 2 children.

What we have noticed though is that with the globalisation of business services and multi skilled remote teleworkers such as the infamous Call centres of Mumbai it is becoming more and more difficult to offer services at competitive prices in the UK.

Why would you want to pay £22 an hour when you can pay 5p a call to have your calls answered in India?

Something that Kelly noticed is that Indian Virtual Assistants are focused on virtual call centres and not much else. 

Kelly saw her niche market as offering her skills within office/business software to businesses and entrepreneurs. 

She also noted that after running her business for 6 months that a lot of people required Lifestyle Services and Not just Business Services.

One of her first client had called around many virtual assistants and found that they only offered Call answering services when they needed a mail merge done from a proprietary system. 

Another of Kellys clients an Asian Jewellery designer had also came across the same problem in her search for a PA service.

After doing some research myself on the availability of Virtual Assistants and the skill sets they have I found that most Indian/American services were offering call answering only. This service would then either send you an email with a transcribe of the call or send an email with a recording of the conversation a great service but what if you need more bespoke solutions?

I found the individual and small self employed Virtual assistants offered a lot more in the way of comprehensive business support services ranging from organising Holidays and lifestyle management to complex spreadsheets and In-depth research.

So if you want a cheap way to answer calls if you are busy then I would recommend using an Indian based call centre

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