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About Us

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We keep it with you, always. Our content isn’t just fun—it is really, really fun though—it’s also thoroughly edited and fact-checked for accuracy, clarity, and fairness. If we’re recommending a pair of sandals, a TV show, hell, even a sex position, trust: It’s because we have meticulously tested, researched, and evaluated it, and we think you’ll love it. Oh, and did we mention we regularly consult our go-to health, sex, beauty, fashion, and trends experts for insights, second opinions, and analysis? Well, we do.

We spend months conceiving, reporting, and editing the longer, in-depth stories and investigations you can’t look away from (like, ahem, the ones about the government’s assaults on your reproductive rights). We are obsessed with mental health, weird subcultures, women in politics, birth control, college, and internet witches